Camping Simulator: The Squad Released!

Hello camping and nature enthusiasts. Firstly let us introduce ourselves. We are 2 people development team which develops games for several years and most importantly mountain, nature and camping lovers (even climbing). For some time, we have been developing a game that is based on our passions and finally we are ready to release our first version. But it is just a beginning for us. Some of you may be already heard about the game, but for those who have heard for the first time let us introduce the game and explain our main aim to achieve:

Camping Simulator: The Squad is a Coop relaxing simulation game with soft survival mechanics. On the days we are staying at home, Camping Simulator: The Squad offers a relaxing time on a beautiful nature with astonishing scenery with your friends like the pre-pandemic days.‘

As we said it is just a beginning for us to develop. On the release build which is our first step of the development, you will see 2 different maps with completely different environments and with different challenges. Our first phase of our plan to improve the already integrated mechanics and the systems and fixing the bugs. To achieve our goal we need your feedback. 

Don’t forget to join our Discord community for sharing your feedback and finding friends to camp and enjoy nature with.


We hope all of you have a great experience and join our camping and nature enthusiast community. You are going to continue to hear from us!


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