BBQ Simulator: The Squad

Dive into a hilarious sandbox BBQ experience with friends! Grill, serve, and manage mayhem as meats soar and sizzle. Craft your grill, cook steaks, and feed everyone before hunger strikes!

Unleash your inner BBQ master with ‘BBQ Simulator: The Squad’. Grill, toss, and laugh as things go hilariously haywire, from flying steaks to BBQ mishaps. Join up to 8 friends in multiplayer co-op or fly solo. Whether you’re out for a tranquil BBQ in your garden or aiming to dish out a feast, be ready for a rollercoaster of emotions – and airborne meat.

Hunger’s ticking clock demands timely service. Collaborate, cook, and ensure every player is fed before they keel over from hunger. Divide tasks, face unexpected challenges from weather changes to mischievous flies, and defend your precious grill at all costs!

Key Features:

– Multiplayer Mayhem: Rally up to 8 friends for unforgettable BBQ antics. How you split tasks is up to you!
-Avatar Customization: Get detailed with personal avatars, from facial features to outfits, and make it uniquely yours.
-Beware of Bandits: Pesky flies are on a mission! Guard your meat and keep these little thieves at bay.
-Garden Activities: From soccer to mowing, there’s never a dull moment. Perfect for those who’d rather chill than grill!
-Kitchen Tools & Tricks: From traditional BBQ methods to microwaving, how you feed friends is your call. Just watch out for unexpected explosions!
-Challenging Conditions: As if grilling wasn’t tough enough, weather changes and other elements aim to throw you off your game.
-Tools Galore: Use blowtorches and fire extinguishers to amp up the fun and manage the madness.