Barista Simulator – PRESS KIT

Full Release: 📆 Q1 2023

Platforms: 💻 PC: Steam | Console: XBOX Series and One

Developer: CubeCube Sports LTD. Publisher: CubeCube Sports LTD. Location: Istanbul, Türkiye.

Genre: Simulation, Sandbox, Crafting, Casual, Realistic, Cooking, Indie

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About the Game:

Barista Simulator, master the art of brewing with over 30 coffee recipes. Start with a basic setup, upgrade your café, manage your staff, and build your very own coffee haven. Are you ready for the ultimate coffee journey?

Dive into the vibrant world of “Barista Simulator”. Start with the basics, brewing over 30 distinct coffee recipes. But there’s more than just brewing. As your café fills up with customers, you’ve got to keep up with their demands. It’s all about making the perfect coffee, stocking up on supplies, hiring and training the right staff, and expanding your café’s space and services. From a small coffee spot to the go-to café in town, your choices shape your business. Ready to brew, build, and boost your coffee empire?

  • Espresso Machines, Grinders, Milk Frothers, Ice Makers, Shakers, Mixers all real machines.
  • Master the Brew: Dive into coffee-making with over 30 unique recipes.
  • Build Your Café: Start small and grow big. Upgrade machines, décor, and services as you expand.
  • Manage Like a Pro: Keep an eye on supplies, hire and train staff, and make sure everything runs smoothly.
  • Grow with Challenges: Unlock new coffee recipes by getting new equipment, and find the balance between classic favorites and new flavors.
  • Keep Customers Happy: Serve a wide range of coffee lovers, each with their own favorites.
  • Money Matters: Keep track of your cash, from buying ingredients to upgrading your space. Make smart choices to stay profitable.
  • Team Up: Find, hire, and train the best crew to keep your café running smoothly, especially during those rush hours.
  • Wide variety of coffee recipes. (Americano, Latte, Cappuccino, Espresso, Tripplo, Doppio and much more!


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